Neighbor wants to reach out after death of young mother

Dear Abby:

I have just learned that a neighbor lost his wife. She died during childbirth. As a wife and mother, all I can think about is that newborn baby boy and his two beautiful sisters. It breaks my heart. I have never spoken to him, but I did chat from time to time with his wife.

I would like to offer help to the father, but I don't know how I should approach him or even if I should. Please offer me some advice.

Grieving for Them in Hawaii

Dear Grieving:

Reach out to your neighbor by writing him a short note saying that you heard the tragic news and would like to offer your condolences. Explain that although you didn't know his wife well, you had spoken with her occasionally....

22 Published By - Houston Chronicle - Life - 2018.01.12. 23:19
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